Trial Courts and Agencies

Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys will deploy their deep and varied legal experience to help shape and litigate a client's case at the trial or agency level.  This includes case review and consultation and drafting or reviewing critical motions.

Case Review and Consultation

  • An early case review, even before a complaint is filed, can be critical in putting a client's case on a path to success at minimal cost.
  • Moreover, review by an experienced second set of eyes can also produce success-enhancing adjustments at any point in the trial or agency process.
  • Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys will perform exactly this kind of case review and consultation in order to maximize a client's chances for success during the trial or agency process and afterwards on appeal.
  • Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys will review pertinent materials, master the relevant law, analyze specific legal issues, discuss them with the trial team, and provide written recommendations on how to achieve the client's objectives at the lowest possible cost.

Drafting or Reviewing Critical Motions

  • At the trial or agency level, a critical motion - such as a motion to dismiss, a motion for judgment on the pleadings, a motion for summary judgment, or even a motion to transfer - can often resolve much or all of the case, or eliminate much of its risk, at a reasonable cost.
  • By analyzing the relevant law and carefully considering the facts of a client's case, Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys will develop, file, and argue these kinds of motions designed to achieve critical litigation objectives - or they will respond to such a motion from an opponent. 

Cutting Edge Advocacy

Schaerr|Jaffe lawyers have handled and won cutting edge cases in state and federal courts around the country, including eight cases in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Client Focused

Clients who choose Schaerr|Jaffe receive the highest quality representation without the conflicts and inefficiencies inherent in big-firm law practice.