The attorneys at Schaerr|Jaffe bring a wealth of experience litigating high-profile, high-stakes cases in courts around the nation. Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys have argued eight cases in the U.S. Supreme Court, have won numerous appeals in every federal circuit and many state supreme courts, and have been counsel to more than half the States either as parties or as amici. They have represented business, government, institutional, and individual clients in complex litigation in virtually every field of law. They offer the highest quality legal representation without the conflicts and costs of big-firm law practice.

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    Gene Schaerr

    Gene Schaerr specializes in handling—and usually winning—civil appeals, writ proceedings and simi...

  • Stephen schwartz

    Stephen S. Schwartz

    Stephen Schwartz represents clients in administrative, trial court, and appellate matters raising...

  • Leah 20mcdowell

    Leah D. McDowell

    Leah Draayer McDowell offers trial and appellate representation to clients at all levels of state...

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    Erik S. Jaffe

    Erik Jaffe has been involved in appeals on a broad range of legal issues, including First Amendme...

  • Michael 20worley

    Michael Worley

    Michael Worley specializes in appeals and other litigation endeavors focused on questions of law....

Cutting Edge Advocacy

Schaerr|Jaffe lawyers have handled and won cutting edge cases in state and federal courts around the country, including eight cases in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Client Focused

Clients who choose Schaerr|Jaffe receive the highest quality representation without the conflicts and inefficiencies inherent in big-firm law practice.