Trial Litigation

Going to trial can be an intimidating prospect, especially when the outcome will have a significant impact on your personal affairs or business. Moving a case through the courts requires not only an intimate knowledge of the law, but also a depth of experience. There is no cause for concern over the complexity of the process. The lawyers at Schaerr | Jaffe have decades of combined experience taking cases to trial. 

Through our trial practice, Schaerr | Jaffe lawyers apply their extensive experience to help put a client’s case on the path to success at a minimal cost. We have extensive experience drafting pleadings to effectively initiate a lawsuit. And, when necessary, we can also implement an effective plan for seeking emergency relief from the court. As the case progresses, we will ensure that we have developed the evidentiary record necessary to succeed during motions practice or at trial. Indeed, our lawyers have extensive experience at bench and jury trials, with a long track record of success.