Schaerr | Jaffe is a Washington, D.C. boutique law firm dedicated to representing clients at trial, on appeal, during investigations, or during administrative proceedings.  Our attorneys have deep experience in all stages of litigation and investigations, and we are routinely called upon to represent clients in high-profile, high-stakes cases across the country.   

The attorneys at Schaerr | Jaffe have a track record of success from state trial courts to the Supreme Court, including: 

  • Arguing nine cases in the U.S. Supreme Court 
  • Successfully appealing in every Federal Circuit Court 
  • Successfully appealing in many State Supreme Courts 
  • Serving as counsel to over 25 states
  • Successfully representing clients at trial in state and federal court
  • And many other matters.

As a boutique, we bring our wealth of experience to clients efficiently.  Rather than staffing every case with a host of lawyers, we tailor our services directly to our clients’ needs, ensuring that we provide quality representation quickly and thoroughly to allow our clients to resolve the matter and move forward.