September 21, 2021

Erik Jaffe Awarded ‘Best Legal Brief of the Year

Erik Jaffe

The U.S. Supreme Court brief of Historians in NCAA v. Alston, drafted by Schaerr l Jaffe attorney Erik Jaffe, was one of two selected for the Education Law Association’s Gus Steinhilber Award for Best Legal Brief of the Year.  

“Your brief was highly original in its concept, well organized, clear, concise easy to follow, and masterful in its application of related legal literature,” the Education Law Association’s Outstanding Brief Committee wrote to Mr. Jaffe in his recognition letter. 

The Education Law Association’s mission is to bring together attorneys, professors, school leaders, and others with a keen interest in education law.

Jaffe will be recognized at the Education Law Center’s annual conference on October 20-23, 2021.