June 11, 2024

Erik Jaffe Discusses Hot Cases with Pacific Research Institute

Erik Jaffe, Partner in Schaerr-Jaffe and fellow in the Pacific Research Institute’s (PRI) legal studies, appeared on PRI’s The Next Round podcast for his annual preview of the Supreme Court’s hot cases, expected to be handed down June 2024.  

Lance Izumi and Jaffe discussed how the Court may rule on President Trump’s immunity claims and the remaining legal issues following the Dobbs ruling.  

“I think the Court will struggle on where you draw the line between when you’re engaged in an actual official act and when are you engaged in a misuse of official resources or official position for personal endeavors,” Jaffe predicted ahead of the Trump immunity ruling.

They also talked about cases PRI is particularly interested in, such as the Grants Pass case concerning the power of local governments to address homeless encampments.

You can listen to the full podcast here.