May 28, 2020

Erik Jaffe Featured in Panel About Justice Clarence Thomas

Erik Jaffe was featured in the Committee for Justice’s discussion about Justice Clarence Thomas. Curt Levey, President of the Committee for Justice, moderated the panel which included former Thomas law clerks and a scholar.

They discussed his time on the U.S. Supreme Court, Thomas’ approach to law, the role he’s played in the nation’s highest court, and how his early life helped shape his jurisprudence. Video of the discussion┬ácan be seen below.

“Normally you’d look at someone born poor, a troubled family life, in a racist South, and you’d say that person has all the cards stacked against them,” Jaffe said.  “And yet, Justice Thomas has done more with what he was given than what any of us can possibly lay claim to,” he added. 

The discussion comes in light of the recent PBS documentary “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in his Own Words” which follows Justice Thomas’ complex, often painful life dealing with race, faith and jurisprudence.