June 11, 2020

Erik Jaffe Reflects on Legacy of Justice Clarence Thomas

In a new article on the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN), Erik Jaffe, partner of Schaerr l Jaffe, reflected on his experiences working with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The quotes were taken from a recent Committee for Justice webinar.

“Every person I’ve ever introduced to him — and many of them of very different political persuasions — have come away still disagreeing with him, but incapable of demonizing him the way you often see in the press,” Jaffe said about Thomas.

In the article “Clarence Thomas: Scary Guy from the Right or Big-Hearted Believer?”  Jaffe and other former law clerks are quoted as saying Thomas’ faith helped carry him through some of the most difficult moments of his life, especially during his 1991 confirmation hearing when former employee, Anita Hill, accused him of sexual harassment. Carrie Severino, another former law clerk of Justice Thomas, reflected on the flurry of negative media stories that followed.

“In fact, it became in many ways even more vicious,” Severino noted. “There’s this montage of really racist attacks on him: having him shining Justice Scalia’s shoes, calling him a lawn jockey and Uncle Tom.”

You can read the full CBN article here.