May 26, 2022

Erik Jaffe Weighs in on Supreme Court Leak and Previews Upcoming Cases

While being interviewed for the Pacific Research Institute’s (PRI) Next Round podcast, Erik Jaffe, PRI adjunct fellow in legal studies and one of the nation’s top constitutional lawyers, weighed in on the Supreme Court leak and previewed other major cases expected to be decided in the coming weeks.

“It’s vaguely horrifying that someone within the court community — which has historically been tight-knit, notwithstanding the obvious disagreements on substance — would throw up their hands, abandon that sense of unity and leak an opinion, no matter how much they disagree with it,” Jaffe said, having formerly served as a law clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas.

Jaffe discussed other notable cases on the podcast, including New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, Carson v. Makin, United States v. Zubaydah and Shurtleff v. Boston. Jaffe has filed amicus briefs in several of the cases.

You can hear the entire episode here.