Federal and State Appeals Courts

Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys bring an extraordinary wealth of experience in handling and winning complex appellate matters.

Preparing for a Successful Appeal

  • More often than not, the key to winning an appeal in a high-stakes case is effectively framing and preserving potential appellate issues before and during trial.
  • To maximize the chances of appellate success, Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys will review key pleadings, briefing, and evidence; discuss the case with the client's trial team; and prepare a written plan for framing and preserving any potential appellate issues, whether they arise pre-trial or during the course of a trial.

Handling an Appeal

  • When it comes to handling appeals in high-stakes cases, Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys bring to the table an unparalleled record of success.
  • If a client has prevailed in a trial court or agency, Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys will effectively defend that victory against appellate attack.
  • If, however, a client has suffered a defeat, Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys will mount a vigorous and targeted appellate attack on the judgment. They will carefully analyze the case to determine which avenues of attack are the most promising, and they will effectively present those points in carefully researched and well-honed appellate briefs and at oral argument.

Handling a Writ Proceeding

  • Sometimes quick action on a writ proceeding, interlocutory appeal, or emergency appellate motion may be critical to protecting a client's interests.
  • Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys have been tested under fire in circumstances like those and will draw on their experience in helping a client promptly file and argue effective critical appellate motions.

Preparing Another Lawyer for Oral Argument

  • Effective oral argument can often make the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys have presented scores of oral arguments in high-profile cases, and can help the lawyer arguing a case to prepare and present that argument in the most effective way possible.

Cutting Edge Advocacy

Schaerr|Jaffe lawyers have handled and won cutting edge cases in state and federal courts around the country, including eight cases in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Client Focused

Clients who choose Schaerr|Jaffe receive the highest quality representation without the conflicts and inefficiencies inherent in big-firm law practice.