November 9, 2021

Statement on Judge’s Ruling in Sambrano Case

Below is a statement from Mark Paoletta, partner at Schaerr-Jaffe LLP, who is representing the plaintiffs, on Court denying Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction in Sambrano et al v. United Airlines, Inc.

“We are disappointed that the Court did not immediately enjoin United from violating our clients’ civil rights. However, we are encouraged that the Court saw United’s actions, and in particular United CEO Scott Kirby’s actions, for what they are – a pretext for unlawful discrimination and not based on any legitimate safety rationale. As the Court noted, the evidence showed United’s “antipathy” for its “employees’ concerns and a dearth of toleration for those expressing diversity of thought.” This “calloused approach” is unsurprising, the Court noted, given Mr. Kirby’s outrageous statements threatening employees with religious-based objections that they are “putting your job on the line.” While the Court may not have held that our clients’ injuries are irreparable, that only means that United faces substantial monetary damages at the end of this matter. We look forward to continuing to litigate this case and vindicating the civil rights of United employees. “