June 22, 2021

Supreme Court Cites Schaerr l Jaffe Amicus Brief in NCAA Compensation Opinion

In its unanimous decision favoring compensation for NCAA athletes, the U.S. Supreme Court cited an amicus brief filed on behalf of historians by Schaerr l Jaffe attorneys Erik Jaffe, Gene Schaerr, and Joshua Prince.

“In 1974, the NCAA began permitting paid professionals in one sport to compete on an amateur basis in another,” Justice Neil Gorsuch noted in the Opinion of the Court.

The amicus brief was filed on behalf of historians who have taught or conducted research on the history of sport, athletic scholarships, the role of amateurism, and intercollegiate exploitation of athletes in the history of the NCAA.

It argues that “‘Amateurism’ rules by the NCAA continue to be a ‘moving goal post.’”

You can read the court’s full opinion here and the amicus brief here.