U.S. Supreme Court

Having handled hundreds of U.S. Supreme Court proceedings at both the certiorari and merits stages, Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys are ready to provide a variety of expert services when a client's case reaches the high Court.

Certiorari Petition

  • If a client has a case that merits Supreme Court review, Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys will develop, prepare, and file a cert petition that maximizes the chances the Court will take the case.
  • They will also coordinate supporting amicus briefs, helping underscore the significance of the petition and increasing the chances of a grant.

Opposing Certiorari

  • If a client must oppose a cert petition to defend a favorable judgment below, Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys will prepare and file a brief in opposition explaining why the case is not appropriate for review.

Merits Stage

  • If the Court grants review of a client's case, Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys will bring their considerable Supreme Court experience to bear at the merits stage.
  • By filing thoroughly researched and clearly written merits briefs, Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys will explain persuasively to the Court why their client should win.
  • They will amplify the client's merits briefs by presenting oral arguments, carefully honed through assiduous review of the record and multiple moot courts.
  • In addition, Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys will coordinate amicus briefs on the merits, to ensure that the client's position is presented in all of its aspects.

Amicus Briefs

  • Schaerr|Jaffe attorneys have also filed scores of impactful amicus briefs in the Supreme Court.
  • They will prepare and file the highest quality amicus brief on behalf of a client who wishes to bring to the Court's attention unexplored facets of a case that could shape the outcome in the client's favor.

Cutting Edge Advocacy

Schaerr|Jaffe lawyers have handled and won cutting edge cases in state and federal courts around the country, including eight cases in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Client Focused

Clients who choose Schaerr|Jaffe receive the highest quality representation without the conflicts and inefficiencies inherent in big-firm law practice.